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Machine Training

RIIVEH201D   Operate a light Vehicle

RIIVEH305A   Operate and maintain 4WD Vehicle

RIIHAN309D  Conduct Telescopic materials Handler operations

RIIMPO319D  Conduct Backhoe/Loader operations

RIIMPO320D  Conduct civil Excavator operations

RIIMPO321D  Conduct civil wheeled Front end Loader operations







RIIMPO326D  Conduct civil Water Cart operations

RIIMPO317D  Conduct Roller operations

RIIHAN311D  Conduct operations with Integrated Tool Carrier

RIIMPO318D  Conduct civil Skid Steer Loader operations 

RIIMPO316D  Conduct self-propelled compactor operations

CPCCCM1016A   Identify requirements for safe Tilt-Up construction

RIICCM202D    Identify, locate & protect underground services