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 1.  What do I need to bring for training days?

  • As with all site based activities we advise long sleeved Hi-VIS shirts and long pants.
  • Two (2) pieces of ID
  • A USI (Unique Student Identifier number) use this link to create one   Create USI Number
  • HRWL (High Risk Work Licence) applicants will also need to provide two (2) passport photos
  • Please ensure all contact details supplied are current and correct

2.  When will I receive my Certificate or Card?

  • Upon successful completion of your training you will receive an interim certificate on the day: this is valid for 60 days.  Your card should arrive in the mail within 21 working days and sooner for Nationally recognised Training Courses.

3.  Will my qualification be Nationally recognised?

  •    Yes - all courses are the latest and most up to date nationally recognised training programs.

4.  Where does HHRT (Hansen High RIsk Training) conduct practical assessments?

  • Assessments are conducted at various plant/equipment depots: as per your requirements and use of these sites is included in the course fee quotation.

5.  What is a USI (Unique Student Identifier number) and where can I get one?

6.  How old do I have to be to participate in High Risk Training?

  • The student must be 18 years or older to be legally allowed to participate in training courses.